Become a sex worker

Sex work as an industry holds many great opportunities for future growth and upward mobility, even for an aging escort like me. Get used to screening, aliases, vulnerability and corrupt political systems. For example, my whiteness and middle-class cultural affinity afford me a measure of access. It truly allows the flexibility and financial stability that not many jobs offer as a uni student. This stuff takes time and money! With other providers, the distinction between personal and business relationships is more difficult to maintain, especially if we are intimate with each other outside of work, or if we work together in double sessions with clients.

Become a sex worker

For example, my whiteness and middle-class cultural affinity afford me a measure of access. I have found sex work incredibly rewarding. Cosimawhore said it best. Psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors will project their own sex industry judgements upon you so that work is the issue, but the myriad of problems you face as a complex human being outside of work is irrelevant. I get emails frequently from women and men curious about entering the sex industry and often wonder whether they can hack it in the long term mentally, emotionally and physically. Sex work might not be the best choice for everyone. If this is the case, feel free to have an epiphany and ride off into the sunset in a different gig with new sex of complexities. When bad things happen, we stand alone. Whilst most are good, sex workers are tough and astute creatures, and you will be sussed out. As sex workers we live two lives, have two names, two wardrobes, two friends lists, two phones, and pretty much two identities. I love my work, my clients, my fans, and my sex-work associates. Still want to be a sex worker? I was told I was trying to get myself killed. These differ from other forms of sex work, where the consumer does not meet the provider in person. You have no rights. I was called a jackass for even talking about my rape. Only a couple people did right by me. A study estimated that the percentage of workers in brothels who are uni students ranges from per cent. You will at some point in the current global political climate of sex work, be an illegal worker. People imagine the sex industry to be this never ending pot of gold. There is no annual leave, no holidays, no sick leave. Suddenly your night off is spent answering , inane and ignorant questions that are deeply offensive and personal. Your social life will suffer. Porn, exotic and erotic photography, phone sex, and live-sex webcams are a few examples of non-IRL sex work. As a sex worker you live with the knowledge that you could be outed at any time, which could affect your future career prospects and make uni an incredibly awkward and possibly dangerous place.

Become a sex worker

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  1. Still want to be a sex worker? In Victoria we also have a saturated market, which allows for a community of fellow workers to flourish.

  2. I have met some amazingly educated and smart women in this industry. I am part of that percentage.

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