Best zodiac sign sexually

Scorpios exude a powerful animal magnetism and a special sex appeal that's practically impossible to ignore. The last of the zodiac signs, married sex with a Pisces is said to be spiritual in nature, believing that making love is the true meeting of souls. The Lion is generous in bed, but he expects to get at least as much as he gives. The Twins will never fall into the rut of the same ol' thing over and over again, so you'll always be surprised! They have amazing sexual energy and confidence and have the innate ability to lead even reluctant lovers into the throes of passion. Or, have your partner use their hands to stimulate you while you have intercourse. Archers are imaginative in bed and like to be sure their lover is enjoying herself.

Best zodiac sign sexually

The Scorpio is one of the most highly sexual signs you could end up with, which makes some people consider them the best lover of the bunch. They commonly switch positions many times during sex and are energetic lovers. Cancer will nurture your needs and listen to your desires. Up for anything Aquarians are always ready for a challenge. This includes the bedroom. Many experts consider Leo to be the best lover in the zodiac. Libra The Libra is a people pleasure, making them attentive and loving in bed. A toy can add an infusion of novelty into your sex life. They can help you explore your deepest, darkest, steamiest desires without hesitation or judgment. Or get down with dirty talk. For an added twist, experiment with different sensations. This sign loves everything below the waist, including leg play, toe touching, and tickles on the thigh. Cancers are all about being comfortable, meaning that casual sex is rarely an option. You need someone who will relish your body and play with your mind at the same time, and Gemini is one of the few who can do this successfully. Be forewarned the Ram has an unquenchable thirst for sex and if you aren't able to keep up, it might become a sore spot in the relationship. Want to use the stars to bring your sex life to the next level? Committing to a carnal challenge is exactly what can drive an achievement-oriented Aquarius in the bedroom. Cancer If you love an emotional lover, marry a Cancer. Pisces is able to fulfill this request and more. They enjoy expensive dates, adoration, and grand romantic gestures. Aries March 21 — April 19 Be careful in what you wish for in an Aries lover, as you just might get it. Pisceans are very easygoing and receptive to their lover's advances, so if you want to be the aggressor, Pisces might be just the fish you're angling for! Sagittarius The Sagittarius is creative and childlike. Click for a complimentary psychic reading. Pisces will anticipate your unspoken desires, delivering them unselfishly. Allegedly, sexual astrology will tell you which sign is going to get wild and crazy and who prefers romantic, vanilla sex.

Best zodiac sign sexually

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  1. Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is a trait that both men and women both share when it comes to getting busy.

  2. Libra and Leo could also make some interesting bedroom buddies. It may not be easy or doable, if you hate yoga!

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