Edison sex scandal pictures where

EEG denounced the person who released it. Gillian Chung was the first starlet to make a public appearance. After a New Year celebration with fans on 11 February, she delivered a brief statement to the press in which she apologised for the hurt caused to those around her. The only photograph which was in circulation on 27 January, allegedly posted by Chung Yik-tin, was "indecent". A team of four lawyers and a magistrate were thus flown out to Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada for a hearing beginning on 23 February at taxpayers' expense. An Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong questioned whether an amended charge of "Publishing an Indecent Article" applied to photographs uploaded onto the Internet.

Edison sex scandal pictures where

History[ edit ] Elite Multimedia, the shop at the centre of the allegations In November , Chen purchased a pink PowerBook personal computer, a photograph of which he published on his blog. Most importantly, I would like to say sorry to all the people of Hong Kong. Legislator Ronny Tong accused the police of humiliating a suspect by their excessively hasty actions. The following day, a second explicit photograph of Chen with another starlet appeared on the Internet. It reportedly classified Michelangelo 's " David " as "indecent" by adhering rigidly to a definition. In this regard, I plead with everyone to please stop forwarding the images on the Internet. He was charged with "dishonest use of computers with criminal intent", which has a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment. She accused him of hypocrisy in a bid to win the public's forgiveness while hurting others caught up in the scandal. So far, she has been keeping a low profile over the scandal. They were linked while making a movie together in This led to an immediate objection by lawmaker "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung , who led a protest of about two dozen people outside police headquarters in Wan Chai. They petitioned the police to apologise publicly, to release Chung Yik-tin, to stop "an abuse of power", [85] and also demanded the resignation of Commissioner Tang. He added that the authenticity of the photographs was no longer in question. She did not win and went back to Australia after that. Gillian Chung had taken a leave of absence, and would not comment on the matter. Edison Chen, press conference 21 February [36] Chen returned to Hong Kong on 21 February, and immediately held a press conference asking for forgiveness and announcing his indefinite departure from the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Her wedding was said to be in the rock after the scandal broke, but was saved when she flew to America to pacify her beau. Chung's management agency, Emperor Entertainment Group EEG , immediately challenged its authenticity, and filed a police report. She had earlier declared she has never taken sexy photos with Edison when the scandal first broke, but has not commented since. Posted by alvinology Feb 17, dirty old man 30 Sunday Times did a full page write-up about them today. I would like now to apologize to all the people for all the suffering that has been caused and the problems that have arisen from this. Although the original post was deleted after a few hours, the image did the rounds at other major forums in Hong Kong such as Uwants and HKGolden. One week later, there was a larger protest demonstrated against alleged "discriminatory" law enforcement against Internet users. She is a well-known actress in the Chinese entertainment scene and was linked to Edison in Since the police arrested and charged Chung before classification, some viewed the arrest as unlawful. Related discussion threads were progressively deleted.

Edison sex scandal pictures where

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  1. The next day he was arraigned but denied bail because he was suspected of blackmailing the actor and actresses. The police emphasised the importance of maintaining public order in light of the great public and media interest in the case.

  2. Chen confirmed that the photographs belonged to him and were private, and stated that they were obtained without his consent and then made public. Leung urged Commissioner Tang to clarify whether merely keeping the pictures violated the law.

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