Flintstones cartoon sex stag night

Years later, in a Playboy interview, Jackie Gleason admitted he considered taking legal action, but decided against it as he didn't want to be seen as the man who took Fred off the air. The phone would ring like crazy, like one time I did Bristol-Myers , the whole company was there. One example is Granite Hotel including characters such as a newsboy, telephone operator, hotel clerk, and a spoof of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. So one of the people at Screen Gems said "This is the worst, those guys So after sitting in New York just wearing out, you know really wearing out. Never before had there been a primetime, cartoon sitcom.

Flintstones cartoon sex stag night

Now, that influenced greatly what we did with The Flintstones The show briefly hired writers from 'The Honeymooners. Never before had there been a primetime, cartoon sitcom. I got to know where the laughs were, and where to hit it, nothing; dead, dead, dead. Again, the baby was going to be a boy, until a toy company explained there was much more money to be had selling a girl doll. Jackie Gleason considered suing Hanna-Barbera. The name was perhaps changed to avoid confusion with the Flagstons, the family from the daily comic strip Hi and Lois introduced to newspapers in So finally on the very last day I pitched it to ABC, which was a young daring network willing to try new things, and bought the show in 15 minutes. Nine episodes were produced before it but aired afterwards, which explains why Bamm-Bamm was not seen again until episode , "Daddies Anonymous" Bamm-Bamm was in a teaser on episode 98, "Kleptomaniac Pebbles". However, 56 years ago, the show was a risky proposition. Around this time, Winston pulled out their sponsorship and Welch's grape juice and grape jellies became the primary sponsor. The Everett Collection 7. Pitch, pitch, pitch, sometimes five a day. Meet the Flintstones The opening and closing credits theme during the first two seasons was called "Rise and Shine", a lively instrumental underscore accompanying Fred on his drive home from work. As with most shows of the era, the characters were shown pitching their sponsor's products. After spending a brief period in development as The Gladstones GLadstone being a Los Angeles telephone exchange at the time , [26] Hanna-Barbera settled upon The Flintstones, and the idea of the Flintstones having a child from the start was discarded, with Fred and Wilma starting out as a childless couple. Barbera, pictured standing here, spent eight weeks in Manhattan, living in a hotel, pitching the sitcom to potential sponsors and networks. Reception[ edit ] The night after The Flintstones premiered, Variety called it "A pen and ink disaster", [32] and the series was among many that debuted in a " vast wasteland " of a —61 television season considered one of the worst in television history up to that point. The characters, I thought, were terrific. And no-one would even believe that you'd dare to suggest a thing like that, I mean they looked at you and they'd think you're crazy. And here's where it gets interesting! In Australia, the Nine Network ran a "Name the Flintstones' baby" competition during the 'pregnancy' episodes — few Australian viewers were expected to have a U. Thus, Pebbles was born. It was the first American animated show to depict two people of the opposite sex sleeping in the same bed. Thank goodness, because this was the very last day and if they hadn't bought it, I would have taken everything down, put it in the archives and never pitched it again. So one of the people at Screen Gems said "This is the worst, those guys The Everett Collection 5.

Flintstones cartoon sex stag night

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  1. These cartoons show stone age people doing modern things with primitive means. For the first two seasons, the opening used an instrumental piece of music titled "Rise and Shine.

  2. However, that familiar refrain of "Meet the Flintstones" was not heard until the third season of the show. Never before had there been a primetime, cartoon sitcom.

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