Iran pre marital sex evidence

For example, one participant stated: The higher score shows better quality of life [ 18 ]. Oral and anal sex are important, due to their association with negative sexual health outcomes, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HPV or HIV in fections , abnormal anal cytology and anal cancer 9 , Revision of the premarital education programme is warranted. Also, males held significantly more liberal attitudes than females in their acceptance of premarital sex. In contrast, evidence in- dicates a rise in premarital sex, particularly among young men and women aged 18—34 in metropolitan cities of Iran [59]. In fact, social construction of sexuality in any given culture defines sexual behaviours of men and women [ 22 , 38 ]. The demographic and reproductive characteristics of the women are presented in Table 1.

Iran pre marital sex evidence

Abstract Background The purpose of this study is to assess attitudes toward premarital dating and sexual encounters in individuals aged 15—49 years in Tehran. Sex outside marriage and abortion are outlawed under Iran's Islamic legal code. Conclusion This study showed that non-vaginal sex among women is considerable and because of less favourable views of women towards such practices, it seems that these practices might have psychologically impacts on women's life. Similar to other Islamic states such as Pakistan, in Iran, religiosity is considered to be protective for premarital sex, but it seems that due to the gap between marriage and puberty, and changes in social networks, media and communication technology as well as socio-economic development, the protective role of religiosity is diminishing [11, 27, 56, 62, 64]. Most parents do not play a key role in informing, educating or supporting their young people on how to manage their friendships and the potential risks posed [ 39 ]. Spirituality as an inherent image in humanity is experienced by all people with both the emotional and intellectual elements A bidirectional relationship can be imagined between sexual and marital satisfaction [ 8 ]; most longitudinal researchers have come to the conclusion that sexual satisfaction predicts marital satisfaction [ 9 — 11 ]. Religiosity and determinants of safe sex in Iranian non-medical male students. According to the proportion of population to the total population in each district, the required sample was calculated in each section. Effect of social cognitive theory-based HIV education prevention program among high school students in Nanjing, China. These classes are held in compact sessions before marriage and the certificate for passing these classes is one of the legal requirements of marriage. Social learning theory and the Health Belief Model. Considering the probable role of sexual dissatisfaction in the breakdown of marriages, the Ministry of Health recently decided to enrich the educational content of the premarital education programmes. From each district, one community health center, one venue for the cultural activities, and one public park was ran- domly selected. Back-translation from English version of questionnaire to Persian was initially conducted blindly by two independent bilingual English and Persian experts and validated in a separate study by the research team [ 43 ]. No significant difference was found between the two groups in regard to the scores of mental health, quality of life, marital satisfaction, and sexual practice after one year of marriage. The trend was producing the "unpleasant and dangerous social side effects" of premarital sex, Asarnia said. Increasing premarital heterosexual friendships and dating with the opposite sex among young Iranians has been documented. The relationship of character strengths to sexual behaviors and related risks among African American adolescents. Mr Asarnia said Iran had around 15 million single young people and that 1. Revision of the premarital education programme is warranted. A qualitative study of implementation of clinical guidelines' prescribing recommendations in primary care. Forty five people decided to withdraw from completing the study questionnaire. In the intervention group, some educational aid instruments posters and moulage were used to supplement the lecture. To obtain a representative sample of adults in Tehran, the city was divided into three regions based on the population density; region with large, medium- and small-population. Considering the increasing rate of oral and anal sex 18 and their negative physical and psychological impacts, estimating the prevalence of various sexual behaviors can increase awareness and help health policy makers and providers to enhance sexual health.

Iran pre marital sex evidence

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  1. At my age I should decide or think for myself and decide whether I should have sex or not. Aghajanian A, Mehryar AH.

  2. Attitude toward behavior and subjective norm are included in the theory of planned behavior The role of theory in HIV prevention.

  3. If you do not try it before getting married you are confused. The higher score shows better quality of life [ 18 ].

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