Sex slave boy cartoon

I expect you to do exactly what I say, when I say it, no questions, comments, and no complaints. Deidara sat there on his hands and knees, shaking and panting, the robe slipping off of his shoulders. Do you understand what I've just told you? One of the men laughed, sending shivers up the young bombers spine. The occasional human was brought out on the stage, naked, chained, and severely drugged. He remained leaning over Deidara for awhile before slowly pulling out and sitting up to look at the work he'd just done, a thin smile over his lips. He thought for sure he was saved.

Sex slave boy cartoon

He took one look into those dark eyes and froze. He stepped closer to the teen and reached down, lifting the boy up and placing him back on the bed. Madara sighed and walked towards the young boy, who looked up sharply. It looks to me like you're rather enjoying this all. That is NOT happen- ngh! I won't allow insolence, so if you're one of those rebellious, I think I'm so bad ass type of teenager, you better get over that pretty quick. Things will be twice as bad when you defy me. He looked so innocent It wasn't his first time having a slave by any means. After being sold by his own father to pay off a debt, Deidara is bought as a sex slave by Madara Uchiha, a well known drug lord. I-I didn't say anything.. No matter his selling price? It was at that moment he decided that now would be a good time to leave, even though he was pretty much half naked and had no clue where he was. Deidara refuses to obey his new 'master', forcing Madara to teach the insolent young pup his place. He looked up to see a tall man with tan skin, thick, dark hair, and broad shoulders. He'd never been through anything like this before in his life, and it was humiliating. Well, except for you. The next thing he noticed was that the lamp that had been on the nightstand next to the bed was also on the floor, the light bulb that was in it shattered on the hardwood floor. He pushed the blonde's head down to his erect cock, giving a simple demand: He slammed Deidara's head back down, keeping a firm grip on the blonde locks. The elder started to walk away, but then got turned around and walked back over to the bed. He had no need for such a huge house. He's the one doing all of this! Deidara trembled as he felt the cool air of the room hitting his once again, naked body. Deidara instantly wiped his mouth, wishing he had some water or something to get the bitter taste out of his mouth. He thought for sure he was saved.

Sex slave boy cartoon

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  1. There was blood slowly running down both of his hips from the nail marks, and his ass had been fucked raw.

  2. Deidara sat there on his hands and knees, shaking and panting, the robe slipping off of his shoulders. Boss gets money, and your father gets his debt paid, and gets rid of a worthless son.

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