Sex with my wifes girlfriends

Why would breaking up with her be more acceptable than giving her a certain amount of freedom? Would knowing your girlfriend is feeling happy and fulfilled make you happy? Feelings in and of themselves aren't bad things; it's how we act on them that makes things good or bad. We'll start with the big one: Not that she wasn't that, too.

Sex with my wifes girlfriends

If your wife wants or needs to explore that other side of her sexuality, then the last thing that's going to help is having you in the mix. However, it also gives casus belli for someone looking for a reason to break up. And considering how a visitor visa drastically limits what you can do with your time Do you worry that you're not enough for her and feel like this is a failing on your part? So right now, you have some questions to ask. Good luck, and write back let us know how things are going. For a 10 days, it's easier to play tourist to keep yourself occupied. On the other hand, there's the non-zero chance that her happiness and fulfilment may mean the end of your relationship. Right now, ya'll are in a no-win situation. I could maybe do a threesome, but she's afraid she would get jealous, and I get that if I'm present in any capacity it could present problems for her exploration of herself. By being open and honest with each other — not just about your desires but about what you are afraid of — you can work together to try to find a path that helps her without damaging your bond or causing unnecessary pain. It's going to be a big tangled mess. Do you fear that, if she were to date someone else, you'd end up being a secondary figure in her life? Which brings us to the big question: My GF recently told me she thinks she is bi which as far as I'm concerned is a non-issue. When you're in a long-term, committed relationship? And I suspect that right now, she's worried that if she tells you what she really wants that you're going to have a bad reaction. Can I trust the girl I love?? I would be really sad, but to me that's a valid reason, and so I wouldn't hold any resentment. If you do decide to take her back, you may need to reconsider the nature of your relationship or where it's going to go. But that's a pretty big if. Part and parcel of it all. She had no social circle in the UK, either to occupy her time or to get emotional support when she's feeling bored or lonely. I ask you to really dig in and question how you feel because the more you understand how this makes you feel, the more you'll be able to talk this out with your girlfriend. A number of people who've thought that they were pretty solidly heterosexual or homosexual have been surprised to find that they have been having sweaty thoughts about someone outside of their preferred gender. As tempting as it is to make it a black and white thing — I mean come on, she was openly planning on hooking up with some other dudes — there're a lot of factors that have led to your current situation.

Sex with my wifes girlfriends

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  1. Sometimes it's a case of someone being an arsehole; other times it's a combination of circumstance and weakness and there but for the grace of God go the rest of us.

  2. BUT she said she absolutely doesn't want to lose me over the issue, and she'd much rather never have sex with another woman than damage our relationship.

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