Vids of cousins having sex

Two of the children's uncles also suffer severe deafness. A community nurse and genetics counsellor in Yorkshire told me this week that the 'trouble really starts' when a first cousin marries a first cousin and the couple's own grandparents are cousins, too. He has just spent the day at his school in Bradford, where he is often top of the class. One of those is Zuhra, the mother of deaf Imran. I had no idea that marrying a close relative would be medically dangerous for any children I had.

Vids of cousins having sex

An Asian health worker recently posted this sad message: The penny dropped that it might be something within the family. But Dr Peter Corry, a consultant paediatrician at St Luke's Hospital, Bradford - where nearly one in five of the population is of Pakistani heritage - has revealed that genetic disorders have been diagnosed in the city during the past few years. According to Imran's mother, the answer is an emphatic "No". He lies in huge nappies. Most can never be cured by drugs, by an operation or therapy. Marriages between cousins are popular in many ethnic communities because they are thought to create stable relationships. Minutes later, the boy finally enters the living room. Medically, there is nothing that can be done to cure his disability. Look a little closer, though, and you can see hearing aids tucked behind each of his ears. She tidies up the tea table and lets Imran go back upstairs, before whispering to me: A Muslim couple marry in traditional dress "I married my first cousin, which is why Imran is deaf," she says. And few realise that the problem includes other ethnic communities from southern Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He became paralysed at three and just faded away. When the boy fails to appear, she runs up the narrow stairs of their terrace house in a former Yorkshire mill town to get him. The parents are drained, both financially and emotionally. My parents did not know either. Their mothers say it is just bad luck. She is terrified of being identified and condemned by her extended family of members, spread across Northern England, for speaking out about one of the most controversial - and taboo - subjects in multi-cultural Britain: But if a husband and wife both have an abnormal recessive gene, the couple have a one-in-four chance of producing a child with defects - including blindness, deafness, heart or kidney failure, lung or liver problems, and myriad of neurological ailments. They have medical problems that will last a lifetime. Yet it is only part of the picture. I said we must not allow our children to marry each other. They are good people, but they can't accept that my son's deafness has been caused by my husband and myself being so closely related. This week, I spoke about the medical consequences with paediatric nurses, community health workers and midwives in the North, Birmingham where genetic disorders among the Pakistani community are twice as high as among the general population and London.

Vids of cousins having sex

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  1. My parents did not know either. If you go into a paediatric ward in Bradford or Keighley, you will find more than half of the kids are from the Asian community," continued Mrs Cryer.

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