Wild orchid floor sex

He also arranges for Emily and him to be present in a moving car while a married couple has intimate relations right next to them. The music, which seems never to let up, is in keeping with the general tone and quality of the production. We next see one of James' female assistants receiving a sailor's bold advances on the dance floor. She just can't make up her mind. The only thing to be said for this embarrassingly inept film is that, in its own schlocky way, it does intermittently manage to get a libidinous buzz going. I loved the exotic backdrop of Brazil; its' beaches, music, costumes, and real-life celebrations were interesting to watch. It's the sort of straining-to-be-sexy stuff that you might hear in a lambada spoof starring Bill Murray.

Wild orchid floor sex

They wind up at the hotel, and James again pulls away from Emily when she reaches out to him. Her main facial expression is blankness, and her approach to dialogue involves eliminating every scintilla of emotion from each word she speaks. The cast also includes Jacqueline Bisset, who pops up now and then to talk dirty and damage her relatively classy image. He just doesn't like to be touched. As for Mickey Rourke, who plays the unfathomable Wheeler, what is there to say? Emily, like the Gidgets who came before her, is both fascinated and frightened by these strange new experiences. The movie bombed in the U. One of the firm's head honchos, Claudia Dennis played by Jacqueline Bisset in a truly embarrassing turn accompanies her on the airplane to Brazil, but then has to depart for Argentina to meet with the seller of the hotel. On the way to the restaurant, he stops just to watch her walk, which is not at all weird after three minutes of knowing each other. The hotel owner's legal team features none other than Jerome Bruce Greenwood - a handsome lawyer, and familiar to Emily. I didn't feel any chemistry between the leads, which is odd, since they were dating in real life. The couple that is with James and Emily have to deal with the woman getting her top ripped off during the fracas. It also comes out he used to stutter, and he built his fortune from scratch. She brings up Jerome's family during the negotiations, and the deal is then sealed in Claudia's favor. There are orchids everywhere, and you can cut the sexual tension in the room with a butter knife. The main character is rewarded by "letting go" throughout, and her ultimate payoff is the two of them on a motorcycle riding off into the sunset. And that's exactly what happens. Next day, Claudia throws her hotel key down to a handsome stranger on the beach. This movie was a real challenge to get through. He spills his guts on his childhood and trust issues with women, and Emily repeatedly tries to disrobe and touch James. Before they do, the clothes come flying off, and there's some kind of interpretive dance that takes place. Unfortunately the character of Emily is supposed to be a human being - in fact, an upstanding member of the legal profession. The Gidget figure here is an innocent small-town gal named Emily Carre Otis who flies to Rio de Janeiro on business and gets caught up in the orgiastic madness of Carnival. This is not an especially tough thing for a movie with sex scenes to do, but it's something. Otherwise, Wild Orchid is pathetic.

Wild orchid floor sex

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  1. Next morning, Emily awakens to the not at all creepy sight of James who has broken into her room and is sitting down, watching her.

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